RAVE review in The New York Times Book Review!

In a full page rave review in this Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, novelist Eleanor Henderson called Remember Me Like This “enthralling” and “gorgeous,” and she argued that the novel sets a standard for authors.  Here’s an excerpt:

“What Johnston captures and examines so expertly isn’t the kind of sadistic cruelty familiar to anyone with a television, but a subtler, more quietly menacing variety, the eggshell tiptoeing, the killing kindness we unknowingly inflict when acting out of love and fear…. Johnston’s characters are so fully realized, each of their mistakes so loaded with “the coded systems of loving and being loved,” that by the time they begin to consider any truly criminal action, we’ve already forgiven them…“Remember Me Like This” isn’t a novel about a kidnapping. It’s not a psychological study of Stockholm syndrome or a victimology. It’s not a thriller, and it’s not even really a mystery, unless it’s an unsolved one, the exquisitely moral mystery of how we struggle to accept and love the people we call family, even when we can’t fully know them.”

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