Remember Me Like This hits the bestsellers list!

On May 25, Remember Me Like This debuted at #5 on the Boston Globe’s bestsellers list!

The novel also received a rave review in the Globe from Emily Rapp!  She described the book as:

“Extraordinary… An achingly beautiful and psychologically insightful portrait of a family rebuilding after a traumatic event…  So devastating yet utterly surprising that only a novelist of tremendous skill could manage it… Johnston is a terrific stylist who wields lyrical language in a way that makes it seem natural and unforced … A lesser novelist might have treated such charged material with prurient interest and ripped-from-the-headlines drama instead of as a tender and compelling portrait of recovery… Exquisite… Luminous… What does rebuilding look like for individuals and for small towns in which each person is important and missed when they are gone? Johnston tackles these issues with empathy and tact, rendering the many faces of loss with acute observational skill. Readers will be surprised and moved by this novel in which being found is only the beginning of the story. This is a stroke of artistic genius…”