The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award!

Bret’s short story “Half of What Atlee Rouse Knows About Horses” has won the 2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award!  The prize is the “world’s richest and most prestigious award for a single short story.”

Judge Mark Lawson: “Great short stories achieve a breadth of meaning far greater than the length of their telling. In Bret Anthony Johnston’s story, a small patch of Texas cattle country opens up long vistas on love, death, memory and the survival instinct, human and equine.  Johnston showed brilliance over the long distance in his novel, Remember Me Like This, and now proves equally adept at brevity. Small details from American and animal lives take on vast significance, and every line has the kick of a horse.”

Sunday Times literary editor Andrew Holgate, who also judged the award, said: “We began the 2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award with over 1,000 entries from five continents, a record for the prize. The shortlist was an immensely strong one, but Bret Antony Johnston’s story stood out for the poise, beauty and calm of its writing, the depth of its emotional engagement, and for its deep, deep resonance and humanity. The Sunday Times EFG award has an excellent reputation both for rewarding major writers, and introducing exciting new ones. Bret is already weighed down with accolades in the US, but I’m very excited that British readers can now be introduced properly to this outstanding author.”

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To read the story, which was originally published in American Short Fiction, click here.